The European cannabis pioneer is supplying the entire continent with legal, high quality CBD, with talks of recreational legalization gaining traction every day.

Our office in Solothurn, near Zurich, supports mostly clients engaged in international cannabis  trading. The gateway to Europe, Switzerland provides clear and efficient regulation to importing and distributing low-THC cannabis and pharma-grade cannabis regardless of THC content.

The modern industrial installed capacity in Switzerland is a great tool for our Global Product Development team, who is able to work with third party and industry innovators on behalf of our clients developing end consumer product like soft gels, freeze dred flower, water solluble CBD oils or any type of smokables.

Trade Import cannabis & hemp into Europe.
Processing Adapt your hemp flower to EU regulation.
Logistics & Distribution Tap into our network of EU wholesalers.
Genetics Ship compliant hemp seeds worldwide.
Smokables Europe´s innovation hub for legal products.
Finance & Banking A safe home for your global cannabis firm.

Alton Campbell – Country Director

Performance: Structuring a cannabis import, processing and trade company in Zurich



A Zurich-based cannabis company raising capital and re-structuring into a diversified  holding. 


Smart Capital

Securing added-vaue investment from international group with complementary assets.



Re-design of business units, global integration, and shareholder interest alignment.



Convertible debt goal was oversuscribed by 220% and HoldCo was operational in 90 days.

Insight: Cannabis investing: Avoid these 5 common pitfalls

-FOMO, confirmation bias result in irresponsible investments.

-Identifying competitive advantages and applying lessons learned greatly mitigates risk.

Investor´s appetite for the global cannabis industry continues trending up. As new markets come online with fresh regulation, like Mexico, Morocco or Ecuador, local entrepreneurs rush to capitalize on the opportunity. However, well established companies and start-up entrepreneurs alike seem to be falling into the same pitfalls. What are the 5 most common mistakes we´re observing from industry newcomers?…