Ecuador´s climate, skilled workforce and progressive legislation make it a fierce competitor in the global cannabis flower market. 

Our Ecuador team supported Government officials in understanding the global cannabis industry during the regulatory process and now supports local and international investors in executing their invetment plans. 

In collaboration with our Colombia office, we opened up the bilateral cannabis seed import channel and now provide premium genetics specifically bred for sub-tropical climates. 

Whether you´re looking to get licensed in Ecuador or need commercial support to get your cannabis flower to international markets, visit our Quito office for an introductory consultation. 

Licensing Leverage our public sector expertise.
Cultivation Greenhouse CBD flower operations.
Business Plans Understand your place in the industry.
Genetics Pionereed importing Colombian seeds.
Exports Connect with European and US buyers.
Fresh Cut Flower Farmers A custom plan for seamless transition.

Sebastian Yate – Country Manager

Performance: Supporting Government understand efficient hemp regulation



The South American cut flower giant joins the global hemp industry seeking to capitalize on its many competitive advantages.


A.M. 109

Our local team worked with  Ministry of Agriculture representatives in drafting Acuerdo Ministerial 109 to leap ahead of competing markets Colombia and Uruguay.



Applying lessons learned in competing regional jurisdictions tu establish an improved, efficient regulatory framework.



The final text is one of the most updated and best-written pieces of cannabis  regulation and has received international praise from industry shareholders globally.

Insight: Delta-8 THC: A window of opportunity for Latin America

What is delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that is being talked about these days due to the slightly different properties of its much more known brother, delta-9 THC. Both have similar psychoactive effects such as a light euphoria and pleasant sensations of happiness and optimism.

Even better, it opens up apetite, helps in reducing pain and to sleep soundly, but with the difference that the psychoactive effect of delta-8 is described as mellow and with less potency, which is ideal for some people that are hypersensible to cannabis or just want to relax and go about their regular daily activities as clarity of mind isn’t affected. It generally is consumed discreetly in gummies, chocolates or vaping…