The cannabis super-power was slow off the start but rapidly gaining momentum in the global cannabis scene.

By many measures, Spain is a global cannabis super-power. The number of  licenses for medical cannabis production and distribution is growing steadily and legalization of recreational cannabis is openly discussed in Congress and accepted in the public opinion. 

Hemp farming is growing exponentially and innovative entrepreneurs in the cannabis club scene and CBD retail are pushing regulators to update cannabis rules every year. 

There´s no stopping Spain´s momentum in the global cannabis and hemp playing field. 


Cultivation Indistrial Hemp in Europe´s sunniest spot.
Licensing For hemp or cannabis (AEMPS).
CBD retail Understand the rules.
Genetics Arguably the world´s leader in breeding.
Hemp Sustainability Visit our hemp r&d field in Galicia.
Cannabis Clubs Compliance, compliance, compliance.

Juan Mato – Country Manager

Performance:Re-designing greenhouse and processes to combat fungi



A Valancia-based cannabis company fighting high realtive humidity levels in its greenhouse.



Redesign of extraction and ventilation plan, growth floor plan and biologic antifungal plan.



Ensure a viable crop with existing infrastructure,  minimizing additional CAPEX.


0% Funghi

A healthy crop with no trace of fungi, revamped SOPs with regards to fungi prevention and a better trained staff.

Insight: Ensuring CBD flower compliance in the EU: THC9 vs. THCA vs. Total THC

Smokable CBD flower sales continue to soar all over Europe. Although most businesses understand the regulatory grey area in which these products stand today, most asume that the THC content in the flower they sell is EU-compliant. However, in most cases, it´s not. 

Delta-9 THC vs. THCA vs. Total THC

Understanding where THC comes from, the different forms it may present itself in a sample and how regulators interpret legislation is key tu ensuring compliance and avoiding legal, oftern criminal, risk.