Our office in South America’s cannabis giant opened in 2018 and has served +50 companies since. 

Colombia’s cannabis industry is the largest in Latin America by any standard, and arguably the most developed anywhere outside of North America. 

Our Bogotá office, located in the financial district of Rosales, is usually buzzing with activity and welcomes un-announced walk-in guests during regular business hours. 

Our compliance team, comprised of laywers and former cannabis regulators, has a 100% success record in securing cannabis licenses. Our operations team provides cultivation support for over 15 cannabis farms countrywide.


Cultivation The country´s largest cannabis farm operator.
Licensing Over 60 licenses processed, 100% success.
Compliance A fully outsourced compliance service.
Breeding Visit our breeding center near Bogotá.
Genetics Leading provider of registered CBD and THC seeds.
Investment M&As, DDs, Valuations...
Hemp Research Sub-tropical specific r&d.

Victoria Coronado, MSc – Country Manager

Calle 64, 4a-41, Bogotá.  –  +57 312 345 8042

Performance: Developing an autoflowering, mold-resistant cultivar for the tropics



Our Colombian R&D farm hosting our sub-tropical gene pool and most of our breeding and seed propagation activities.


Smart Capital

Generational selection of mold-resistant individuals for cross-pollination with autoflowering mothers.



A year-long 12/12 daylight cycle with high relative humidity levels and a wide ratio of temperatures.



Our 7th-generation mothers have reduced mold vulnerability by +50% and increased yield by +15%.

Insight: Dried flower exports from Colombia? Prospects for 2021

Since late 2019, numerous representatives of the cannabis industry pointed out that exporting dry cannabis flower represents a major commercial opportunity for Colombia.

As of April 2021, the government of president Ivan Duque, has considered the requests of industry leaders but has not made any decisions.

Apparently, the economic emergency caused by the coronavirus and recent regulatory developments in other countries prompted the executive branch to reconsider its position regarding cannabis flower exports.