The land of cocoa, gold and smiles enters the clobal cannabis industry with solid credentials as Africa´s safest investment destination.

Since pioneering independece for Sub-Saharan nations from European colonizers in the 50s, Ghana has remained the West´s most stable ally.

She now joing the global hemp legalization movement with efficient and business conducive regulation, in the footsteps of other Southern African nations like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Swaziland. 

Our partner´s personal and professional history in the Black Star Nation and its subtropical bioclimatico conditions position Ghana as a competitor to fear for year-round outdoor hemp flower cultivation and export. 

Licensing Leverage our public sector expertise.
Cultivation Greenhouse CBD flower operations.
Business Plans Understand your place in the industry.
Genetics Import our proprietary tropical seeds.
Exports Connect with European and US buyers.
Fresh Cut Flower Farmers A custom plan for seamless transition.

Lawrence Arthur – Country Director

Performance: Creating a lifestyle cannabis brand



A European cannabis smokables brand looking to innovate through branding and quality.


Global trade

Apply cannabis import/export know how to leap ahead of European competition by offering unique American products.



Establish exclusive sourcing agreements with premium producers globally.



Breakeven achieved in second quarter of operations by tapping into exisiting distribution channels with 3 product lines simultaneously.

El Cumplimiento como única vía para escalar en la industria del cannabis

Insight: Comply or die: Cannabis executives learning the hard way

Jim Belushi says that before you have a cannabis company you have to have a compliance company. And we couldn’t agree more. In a hyper-regulated industry such as cannabis, it is vital that the regulations established by the entities that exercise control and monitoring are scrupulously followed.

In Colombia, most of the licensed companies do not go deeply into the technical or legal regulations, nor do they take seriously the obligations they have undertaken in issuing the administrative acts that license them to start activities. Although it is understandable that, after 12-18 years of bureaucratic process…