On the launch of the MICC in Colombia: two sides of the same coin

MICC Colombia

The launch of the MICC (Information Mechanism for the Control of Cannabis) was always an imminent reality for the cannabis sector, as was the amendment to Decree 613/17.

The face of hope

With the grueling response times in the licensing process sometimes exceeding twelve months, the MICC is a hopeful ray of light for many, especially during times of pandemic. According to Dumar Cárdenas, deputy director of control and monitoring of chemicals and narcotics at the Ministry of Justice, the MICC will achieve a 30 working day licensing time, completely transforming the expectations of the sector. On the other hand, the Minister of Justice announced that the expected modifications to Decree 613 are just around the corner, soon to be available to the industry.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the inevitable issue of COVID-19, the ministry, as well as other media and industry players, used the news to emphasize the potential economic impact of medical cannabis. For this dream to become a reality, the industry requires a strong regulatory structure, as well as compliance with international standards to achieve exports to attractive markets.

The face of rigidity

Hope cannot come alone, and the other side of the coin for the cannabis industry is strict compliance with regulatory requirements. Real competition starts once the Ministry of Justice migrates from a digital platform that facilitates the identification of red flags, and those who win will not be the fastest but those who ensure strict regulatory compliance.

Tightening the regulatory belt may represent a financial, legal and operational challenge in certain cases, but it is definitely the sure way to become a winner in the industry. The long awaited dreams of contributing to the social and economic development of the country, generating jobs and exporting competitive products are within our reach. All we have to do is take the first steps towards efficiency and regulatory compliance.